Positive Effects of Sermorelin

This is where you’re able to indulge in all of the benefits on offer with sermorelin and determine whether or not it is going to be the right product to achieve your goals.
We’ll now systematically analyse the various reported positive aspects of sermorelin to determine whether or not they hold any weight, or they’re just purely speculative.

Improved Metabolism

Improved metabolic output is inevitable when taking almost all pharmaceutical grade compounds due to the “extra” processing activity required by the body to utilise and “digest” them. This in turn leads to enhanced fat burning as a result of the excess calories required to fuel these processes in conjunction with an enhanced capacity to uptake nutrients.

This surplus processing comes as a result of the internal organs having to perform functions that would not ordinarily occur whilst using said items; the processes may be natural, but the fact that the body is “forced” into performing them at a time where it would ordinarily lay dormant is ultimately what triggers excess calorie utilisation.

Whilst even “basic” pharmaceutical compounds can cause such an elevation, the more complex a product is in nature and the more intense an internal reaction it can cause, the higher the level the individual's metabolic rate will rise to.

Improved Strength

As previously outlined in the “what is sermorelin?” section, improved strength is passively possible through the utilisation of sermorelin.

Whilst you will not achieve “direct” strength (as per a stimulant or certain anabolic steroid types) the passive benefits on offer via the enhanced release of IGF-1 (enhanced bone / tendon / ligament repair) mean that the users strength base is going to be at least somewhat improved.

This will accelerate recovery and allow for sustained optimal power output over the course of a competitive phase or even as part of a bulking cycle, thus enhancing the user's ability to develop excess lean tissue and maximise strength based performance.

Improved Joint Health

Closely tied to the aforementioned strength benefits, it’s actually through improved joint health that these benefits are possible. As per improved bone density, this is a benefit that any member of the population can benefit from, regardless of their chosen physical goals.

It’s a useful anti aging benefit, a useful “mobility” benefit, and will also enhance the progression of those who are aesthetically minded too.

In conjunction with these aforementioned benefits, it’s worth noting that athletic capacity is also going to be positively impacted too - not just in regards to strength output but also endurance and all other aspects of physical performance.

This is precisely why the WADA will not allow any form of growth hormone to be utilised as part of athleticism - it simply provides too much of an unfair advantage across a broad spectrum of areas when compared to a natural athletes capabilities.

Better Cardiac Health

This benefit is largely open to interpretation and doesn’t particularly hold any proven scientific weight at this point in time. With that said, certain niche growth hormone varieties have been linked with improving cardiovascular health directly as one of their main functions / benefits, so it’s reasonable to assume that some benefit must exist nonetheless within the “base” growth hormone structure.

It’s important when considering this and all other potential sermorelin benefits to ask the questions WHY and HOW. Why does it improve cardiac health, and how does it do it? Through applying this line of questioning to all anabolic products, you will easily be able to get to the bottom of their sometimes mysterious nature when searching for hard scientific facts to answer these questions.

In the absence of scientific facts (as supplied by professional researchers), it’s always fair to conclude that the benefit is as of yet unproven. As it stands, that’s the situation we find ourselves in with regards to the impact of sermorelin on cardiovascular health.

Despite this being the case, there are several studies so far that indicate that HGH is very important for the development of embryonic heart tissue. Not only that, but collagen (as per all other organ types) plays a prominent part in the development of heart tissue.

Being that collagen production is increased in line with an accelerated growth hormone presence, it only makes logical sense to state that heart tissue will also be impacted by this advanced productivity.We might not know the precise and far reaching consequences of growth hormone on cardiovascular health at this point in time, but at present, several signs certainly indicate that it can have a positive effect. Time will hopefully yield further results in regards to this aspect of its functionality.

Improved Skin Tone And Thickness

This is a definitive benefit when utilising all growth hormone varieties including secretagogues because of the accelerated collagen production on offer with elevated gh levels.

The below image shows the collagen content within the dermis of human skin.

Enhanced collagen content within the system will (as well as enhancing the recovery and maintenance of joints / internal organs) provide the user with a much improved skin regeneration capacity, as well as boosting its overall constitution.

This is going to lead to cleaner, healthier and thicker skin overall, thus improving one's overall complexion and making them appear more “youthful”. Whilst this is an incredibly useful benefit for anti-aging purposes, it is also going to prove highly desirable for those wishing to improve their overall aesthetics.

Having an even skin tone is far more important for displaying musculature than one may think - especially for those who are competing in a bodybuilding contest.

It’s important that the surface of the skin is as smooth and blemish free as possible under these circumstances, thus leading to a “clear” and “streamlined” appearance.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to improve your skin tone, it’s safe to say that this benefit is going to positively impact any user of sermorelin.

Improved Bone Mineral Density

This is another “proven” result when taking sermorelin due to the fact that growth hormone elevation leads to enhanced collagen synthesis.

Collagen is vital for the development of every structural component of the body, including ligaments, tendons and bones. Should its levels be increased within the system (and its activity) – the user will benefit from not only rapid recovery but a higher level of structural integrity too.

This is going to be useful for everything from general mobility to enhanced strength (due to having a stronger foundation with which to produce power) and is as much an anti-aging benefit as it is a benefit with aesthetic connotations (enhanced strength can lead to enhanced size when applied as part of an effective training program.)

This positive trait would prove beneficial to all users of sermorelin, especially those who may be suffering from degenerative health issues like osteoporosis

Increased Growth Hormone

This benefit probably goes without saying due to the mechanism of action exerted by sermorelin. An increase in growth hormone levels is certain when integrating this product.

It’s worth noting though that one of the primary reasons why GHRP products needed to be developed was due to the fact that growth hormone releasing hormone products like sermorelin are not capable of diminishing the effects of somatostatin.

Somatostatin comes into play as part of the “second half” of the growth hormone release loop.

It is released as a means of telling the somatotropic cells to cease their release of growth hormone, thus recalling it back into the somatotroph storage cells. This is to ensure that we do not “use up” our organic supply of growth hormone and place any excess stress / pressure on the internal organs.

Where GHRP products come into play is that they inhibit the effects of somatostatin whilst simultaneously providing a powerful pulse release of growth hormone. As such, growth hormone releasing hormone is capable of elevating blood plasma growth hormone levels, but it will always ultimately fall prey to the effects of somatostatin.

It’s impossible to discern precisely how much of an elevation to “normal” levels can occur before myostatin exerts its effects, but it’s reasonable to state that at least some degree of elevation when compared to normal levels is possible. On the note of release as well – it’s also important to consider how limited the human body is in regards to when it can actually release growth hormone without the utilisation of secretagogues.

Typically, we “naturally” release growth hormone at two to three intervals throughout the day / night (early in the morning, the late afternoon and during sleep. The problem with these organic pulses is that we have no means of timing when they will occur. We can state with some degree of accuracy that the above-mentioned windows are roughly when an elevated release is likely to take place, but we have no means of knowing at which hour or minute that may be.

As such, we don’t have any form of control over growth hormone utilisation. For instance, ingesting nutrients / training in line with gh release will always be favourable compared to training outside of these release windows. As such, utilising sermorelin means we can “guarantee” an elevated gh presence on command whenever we wish, as opposed to having to wait on our body’s natural pulses.

This level of control is intensified with the use of a GHRP due to the fact that we can inhibit the effects of somatostatin, subsequently allowing us to access all of the growth hormone released with combined sermorelin / GHRP utilisation.

At the very least, sermorelin will allow us to elevate growth hormone levels no matter when it is used – keep in mind though that it’s active life within the body is roughly 10 minutes, so effective dosage timing is a must.

Stronger Immune System

As per the reported benefits of growth hormone secretagogues in regards to cardiac health – we simply don’t have any conclusive scientific evidence to suggest that sermorelin or any other secretagogue can definitely improve the immune system.

Interestingly, we can conclude that it is capable of boosting the immune system in those who are suffering from degenerative diseases that impair their immune functionality (the AIDS virus for instance) thanks to this study.

Bizzarely though, those with normal immune functionality have not been shown to lose any immune function whatsoever in the face of diminished growth hormone presence. It would seem that growth hormone is only capable of boosting the immune system when some kind of immune disorder is in place. Admittedly, this doesn’t necessarily prove that excess growth hormone levels wouldn’t in some way boost it, but it is certainly a fairly solid indicator.

One element to consider is that through growth hormones ability to enhance the regeneration of internal organs and skin cells, our capacity to “fend off” the effects of disease and harmful bacteria should subsequently be improved too, owing to the improved vitality of these areas. This isn’t of course a cast iron scientific thesis, but the implications make rational sense.


There is currently no proven evidence to state that growth hormone is capable of increasing sex drive.

It is possible however that sex drive may increase as a result of enhanced vitality / energy levels and general physical functionality.

This would however be a passive sex drive improvement rather than a direct one, and would have nothing to do with any prospective ability on growth hormones part to directly impact sexual output.

Fat Burning

As per enhanced muscle mass, enhanced fat burning is somewhat of a guaranteed benefit to using growth hormone secretagogues provided the user adopts sensible nutrition habits over the course of their cycle. This is because through the elevation of IGF-1 levels, insulin receptors are somewhat subdued, meaning that they cannot transport glucose to the body’s organ / muscle cells and the system must instead turn to fat as a primary fuel source.

IGF-1’s name may be somewhat of a giveaway, but due to it being “Insulin like” - it can actually bind to the insulin receptors within the body, thus diminishing the efficiency of insulin itself. As such, sermorelin doesn’t directly attack fat tissue and lead to lipolysis (fat burning) as some steroid and even growth hormone varieties do, but it definitely enhances the user's ability to burn fat through blocking the body’s ability to use carbohydrates as a fuel source effectively.

It’s important to emphasise the need for effective nutritional habits in order to make this aspect of sermorelin come to fruition though, otherwise the user will completely negate the possibility of this benefit appearing all together.

Increased Muscle Mass

Achieving increased muscle mass whilst using sermorelin is almost guaranteed provided you’re eating and training effectively.

Whilst all GHRH products are widely renowned for not being particularly potent when used in isolation (hence why the GHRP class of products was necessarily created to address this issue) they are still going to elevate growth hormone presence, and subsequently levels of IGF-1.

With even the mildest increase in growth hormone and IGF-1 levels, the human body has an advanced capacity to increase and repair lean muscle tissue when compared to “normal” levels.

Should the individual be eating effectively, they will undoubtedly be able to enhance their muscular size. It should be stated that this increase is in no way going to be dramatic (and will largely depend on the user’s anabolic experience in general) but it will be likely nonetheless.