Preparing And Injecting Sermorelin

Unlike many other pharmaceutical items, growth hormone peptides do not arrive in a “ready to use” state - this is due to them coming in the form of acetate salt that must then be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water before they can be implemented into the body. We’ll first analyse how to mix a sermorelin dose before explaining how to inject it safely into your body.

Please note that all of the information in this section should also be cross referenced with advice from a qualified medical professional in order to guarantee optimum safety at all times.

How To Mix / Reconstitute Sermorelin

In order to reconstitute sermorelin, you will need:

1 A vial of sermorelin

3 A pack of alcohol wipes

2 A vial of bacteriostatic water

4 An insulin needle

With these four items in place, you are then ready to proceed onto the reconstitution / mixing process.

After following the steps below, you are then ready to safely store your peptide ready for administration into the body.

In order to reconstitute your peptide powder, you will need to:

1 Remove the caps from and thoroughly wipe down the surface of both your bacteriostatic water and peptide vials

2 Unpackage your insulin needle

3 Pierce the vial of bacteriostatic water and withdraw 0.5ml of water per mcg of peptide powder

4 Pierce the vial of peptide powder, then tilt it on a 45-degree angle and slowly drip release the water, allowing it to run down the side of the vial and gently “meet” with the powder, thus dissolving it (do NOT squirt the water directly onto the powder as this may destabilise it)

How To Store Sermorelin

Depending on which stage of “constitution” your peptide powder is in, it will need to be stored according to slightly different variables.

There are two variables that apply to both “powdered” and “reconstituted” peptides, which are:

  • They must both be stored away from direct sunlight at all times
  • They can both be stored at minus 20 degrees celsius

Where the two differ is that powdered peptide can actually be stored at room temperature for a period of several weeks before it destabilises, whereas reconstituted peptide must be stored at minus 20 degrees at all times.

To optimise safety, it would be a good idea to store your product at minus 20 degrees and away from direct sunlight at all times regardless of the state of constitution it is currently in.

How To Inject Sermorelin

As previously specified, any guidelines you read here must be cross-referenced with a medical professional in order to guarantee safe administration.

There are two popular methods of injection, which are as follows:

Subcutaneous Injection

A subcutaneous (Sub Q) injection involves directly injecting into the fat layer beneath the surface of the skin, and is the preferred method of administration for most growth hormone users for several reasons including accessibility (it’s an easy procedure to perform) and pain reduction.

When performing this procedure, the needle must be held on a 45-degree angle as follows:

You’ll find further information on this administration method here.

Intramuscular Injection

An intramuscular injection involves directly injecting into the muscle cells of your chosen target site – the most popular areas for administering an IM injection are the quads, glutes and deltoids.

You should ideally have the needle on a 90-degree angle to perform this injection type as follows:

To find out more about this method of administration, please observe this link.

Ipamorelin Vs Sermorelin

Due to the similarity regarding their names, ipamorelin and sermorelin often get confused with one another. In reality though, they couldn’t be further apart.

Ipamorelin is a GHRP product – in order to exert its effects within the body it mimics the ghrelin hormone and creates a powerful growth hormone pulse.

On balance, GHRH products like sermorelin elevate blood plasma growth hormone levels in a far subtler manner, owing to the fact that they cannot counteract the effects of somatostatin.

In conjunction with these base differences, ipamorelin was actually the world’s first “selective” growth hormone receptor; the more ipamorelin is taken, the more of an effect it can exert.

This is in stark contrast to other GHRP types that have an inbuilt ”saturation” dose.

It’s safe to say that combining ipamorelin with sermorelin would prove to be an excellent choice; one that would get the most out of each respective product and maximise results.

You can find out more about ipamorelin on its separate profile page.